Phosphorus is a team of scientists using genomics to improve human health. They offer best-in-class genetic tests that have helped thousands of people avoid disease and live healthier lives.

They offer two options for genetic testing:

Option #1

The lipidology DX test that can be ordered by a physician as a diagnostic tool. This can be ordered from the office of the physician they are meeting with at the time

After Phosphorus receives your EOB and payment from your insurance company you will receive a bill for any remaining amount due. Patients typically pay no more than $100 out of pocket for this test. If you receive a bill over $100 contact a billing specialist at 855-746-7423.

This test is blood or saliva.

Option #2

The second tool is a test that can be requested by the end user.  This version in can be ordered as just the ‘health risk’ portion of the test and the FCS- LLD is in this test.   This is $249 and there is no insurance involved.  It is primarily used as a screening tool for those that may believe there is the possibility and they can take the results to their physicians and start the process of ID, education (on both ends), life style changes etc.

This test is blood or saliva.


Ambry Genetics believe in the power of people working together towards one goal, one purpose. And the power that lies within their walls to make a life-changing difference. 

Ambry Genetics has some testing options available as well.