September 2017

A Mother's Story

A Mother’s Story: Melissa writes to her younger self letting her know the journey she will be embarking on in her life, facing the struggles of FCS.
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February 2017

Justin's Story

Justin takes the time to share with us what his journey has been like, from childhood, to major life changes, and the struggles he has faced with FCS.
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January 2017

Lindsey's Story

Lindsey wants to address FCS head-on by writing this meaningful letter to her rare disease.  
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Welcome to FCS Website is a site for all Familial Chylomicronemia Syndrome (FCS) patients, caregivers and family members that offers information, resources and support. The goals of this site are to build connections and offer resources and support to help FCS patients become informed advocates for themselves and their disease.
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Mark's Story

Mark shares his story in an effort to increase awareness of FCS and how this disease has left him unable to work.   I will be 47 in December and I first started getting the severe abdominal pains that are symptoms of the condition when I was 40. I was only properly diagnosed last year.
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Share your Story

Help others learn about FCS by sharing your story. Your personal journey will help inspire and connect other FCS patients and inform rare disease stakeholders and the public about this rare, autoimmune disease. Raising awareness through story-telling is an effective way to advocate! Email Global Genes to learn more!